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Kimbap is one of South Korea’s most famous meals and although it looks similar too it isn’t sushi. Kimbap is simple, quick, easy and cheap to make. It is also eaten at any time of day. This guide will help you make kimbap at home and apart from the main two elements (Rice and Dried Seaweed) you can add basically anything else you might want.

Required and Optional Ingredients


* Dried Seaweed Sheets
* Cooked Rice


* Carrot
* Egg (Fried)
* Processed Crab Meat
* Ham
* Pickled Yellow Radish
* Spinach

Also Commonly Used:

* Lotus Root
* Tuna
* Kimchi
* Dried Fish Paste
* Cheese

Making Kimbap Gim Dried Seaweed Making Kimbap Yellow Radish

Step by Step Guide to Making Kimbap

This step by step guide will hopefully help you succeed in making some delicious Kimbap;

Step 1

Prepare all of the main components into strips.

Making Kimbap Crab Ham Radish Making Kimbap Ingredients

Step 2

Cook some sticky rice and prepare the assembly area.

Making Kimbap Setup

Step 3

Carefully place the rice on top of the dried seaweed, around two or three grains thick and only 0n 75%.

Making Kimbap Rice

Step 4

Place your desired contents at one end and leaving a small space.

Making Kimbap Inside

Step 5

Roll tightly.

Making Kimbap Rolling

Step 6

Brush with sesame oil and repeat.

Making Kimbap Finished

Step 7

Cut into one finger wide pieces between 1 and 2cm.

Making Kimbap Finished Sliced

Step 8


Making Kimbap Side View

Videos on Making Kimbap

If you’re still a little unsure on what to do here are a couple of useful YouTube videos on making Kimbap at home;

Video 2:


If you have any questions or comments regarding making Kimbap or Korean Food in general please feel free to let us know, either via email, our Social Media Homes or by commenting below.

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