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Although the 2014 Incheon Asian Games finished a few weeks ago we still thought it would be nice to share details on one of the less known and less well supported sporting events the cricket. Although cricket is massively popular in certain Asian nations such as India and Pakistan, it’s not well known in South Korea and others. Still as a Asian Games event a cricket ground was purpose built for the games. South Korea entered teams in both the Men’s and Women’s competitions and although they didn’t win any medals they preformed above expectations.

The ground itself was nice with detailed scoreboards and announcements in English as well as Korean. Snacks, drinks and beer was on sale. But the nicest element was the free entry and ample seating. Although the quality of the matches may not match top 20/20 internationals it was an enjoyable morning of sports action.

Pictures of the Yeonhui Cricket Ground

Cricket at the Incheon Asian Games

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Links and Location of the Yeonhui Cricket Ground

The Yeonhui Cricket Ground is located South of the main Asian Games Stadium just over a small river and before the newly built main road.

Official Incheon Asian Games Website Link


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