Korean Style Mackerel end result

Fish is big business is South Korea and most families eat it at least once a week and it’s often used as a side dish. One of the cheapest fish can be find here is Mackerel, which is both tasty and healthy. It’s also easy to cook and so here is our quick guide to making our Korean Pan Fried Mackerel at Home.


Here is a basic list of things you’ll need to make Korean Pan Fried Mackerel at home;

* Mackerel
* Plain Flour
* Rice
* Water
* Salt and Pepper
* Cooking Oil or Butter

* Spices (we used curry spicy but you can select whatever you like or nothing at all)

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Picture Guide to Making Korean Pan Fried Mackerel

Here is our 7 step guide;

1 – Take the fish out of the packet / bag and wash. Some people also remove the head.

Korean Style Mackerel pack

2 – Add Rice Water to the Fish.

Korean Style Mackerel rice water

3 – Boil the Rice to eat on the side.

Korean Style Mackerel rice

4 – Add Salt, Pepper and the optional Spices to Plain Flour.

Korean Style Mackerel powder

5 – Cover the fish in the flour.

Korean Style Mackerel cover

6 – Fry on a medium to high heat with oil or butter until brown and cooked.

Korean Style Mackerel fry Korean Style Mackerel frying

7 – Enjoy and be careful of the small bones.

Korean Style Mackerel end result

More Information

Here are a couple of videos on making pan fried mackerel, the process is a little different but the end results are similar:

Here are a couple of links to some similar but different pan fried mackerel recipes:

Recipe 1 from Lifestyle Food

Recipe 2 from BBC Goodfood


If you have any questions regarding making Fried Mackerel at Home or if you have anything you’d like to add please let us know either here or via our social media channels.

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