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Eating out in Korea can be pretty affordable but that’s not to say it’s always cheap. There is however a place in student and artist area of Hongdae in Seoul which is famous for severing lunch for just 3,500. It’s called 봉주르 or Bonjour in English and it’s a little off the center of Hongdae but it’s worth while checking out. The quality and value of this restaurant has seen it featured on a number of different Korean TV programs and news segments. The Food, Price and atmosphere of the place all add to the charm. The lunch changes nearly everyday and that’s the only option so this maybe a tricky place for picky eaters. It’s generally not overly busy during the week but it can be on weekends so arrive early.

Pictures from Bonjour (봉주르) the Food and the Restaurant

Starting with the Food, when we went it was spicy fried rice, Chinese style fried pork and a tofu soup;

Hongdae Cheap Lunch Fried Pork Hongdae Cheap Lunch Fried Rice Hongdae Cheap Lunch Soup Hongdae Cheap Lunch Meal

Secondly here are a few internal and external shots;

Hongdae Cheap Lunch Inside Hongdae Cheap Lunch Door Hongdae Cheap Lunch Resturant Enterance

Location and More Information on Bonjour (봉주르)

Hongdae Cheap Lunch b1

It’s within walking distance of both Hongik University Station (Line 2 and Airport Line) as well as Sinchon Subway Station (Line 2). From Hongik Station take airport line exit 6 and walk straight and cross the second bridge on your left. Then head towards the university. It’s located in the B1 level.
From Sinchon Station take exit 8 and walk straight up the hill and turn left at the Holly’s Coffee (opposite the church) and continue straight, cross the bridge and it’s a little along that road.
Here is a map of the rough location:

This Daum Blog Post gives a good amount of information and more pictures (in Korean)


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