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Energy Drinks have become big business over the past 10 years with companies such as Red Bull becoming huge billion dollar brands. However it’s only in the past few years that South Korea has allowed the sale of energy drinks. In fact back in 2010 Red Bull was still illegal. These days there are a wide range of different options both domestic and imported. Here is a list of what we’ve come across recently;

Energy Drink Korea at the Supermarket

Different Energy Drinks in South Korea

Red Bull

Energy Drink Korea - Red Bull Can

Red Bull is of course the market leader and although not massively promoted in South Korea is it pretty easy to find these days. It’s a little more expensive than other brands but the taste is maybe a little better and familiar.

Monster Energy & Khaos Juice

Energy Drink Korea Monster Energy Green Can Energy Drink Korea Monster Khaos Energy Drink Korea Monster Khaos Juice

Monster Energy is well known in the west and maybe Red Bulls biggest rival. Here in Korea it’s popular and nicely priced. The best place to buy is online as the 12 can sets can be very cheap.

Monster Java

Energy Drink Korea Java Monster Can Energy Drink Korea Java Monster

This is basically Monster Energy but coffee flavored, canned coffee is a list for another day however this is a solid energy drink. It’s a little more difficult to find, mainly just in the major supermarkets. It’s not sold very well and maybe discontinued here before the end of the year.

Hot 6

Hot 6 Light
Hot 6 Light
Hot 6 Fruits
Hot 6 Fruits

Energy Drink Korea Hot 6 Cans

Korea’s leading domestic Energy Drink produced by Lotte. It’s very similar to Red Bull in taste, but is a little cheaper and maybe a little less flavorful. It’s available countrywide but here been redesigned at least 3 times. Also known as Hot 6ix


Energy Drink Korea - Coca Cola Burn Energy

Coca Colas attempt to enter the energy drink market, it was priced cheaper than Red Bull here but it’s red color don’t go down very well. It’s not sold in many places anymore in South Korea.

Volt Energy

Energy Drink Korea Volt Energy Can Energy Drink Korea - Volt Energy

An interesting blue colored energy drink which seems to have died an early death here in South Korea.


Energy Drink Korea Rockstar Energy Pack

Rockstar is one of the leading American Energy drink produces and released a range of different flavors here in South Korea. The brand flavor seems to have done well but the blueberry and grape flavors less so.

Bachas D or F

Energy Drink Korea Bachas F

Bachas D or F is the original Korean energy drink and previously was only available in certain stores and in limited numbers. It has a thicker and more medicinal taste, it does however contain less sugar.

Angry Bird Soda

Taurine Angry Bird Soda - South Korea Taurine Angry Bird Soda - South Korea 2

Angry Bird Soda is basically a novelty drink to cash in on the Angry Birds brand. It was previously widely available  however with the decline of the brand it’s not easily found anymore.

Sol Energy

Sol Energy South Korea Sol Korean Energy Drink

Sol Energy is more of a budget energy drink as it is normally W1000 or less. It has a nice tropical tasty similar to the British classic Lilt.

PSY Over & Over

Energy Drink Korea - PSY Energy Over and Over Hangover

The newest domestic energy drink is also another novelty, promoted and featuring KPOP Star PSY. It’s been on sale since release, however the taste it better than you might expect.


A few others have come and gone over the past few years and it highly likely more will join. One example is this “Energy Drink in Jelly”.

Energy Drink Korea in energy jelly


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