KBO Korean Baseball Cards 2014 Pack

Baseball is huge here in South Korea and is the most watched sport both live and on TV. It’s also played by people young and old, although baseball fields are a less common sight these days. Batting cages however can be easily found, even in the middle of Seoul.

Baseball cards date back almost to the beginning of the game and have been enjoyed by generations of fans. Here in South Korea the cards aren’t maybe as popular as in the United States but still widely available. A pack costs 1000 ($1) and contains 6 cards, generally 3 pitchers and 3 batters. In our pack we got 2 Samsung Lions, 2 SK Wyverns and 2 NC Dinos players. There’s a good amount of statistical information on the cards for each of the players. If your a baseball fan this makes a nice memento if visiting or living in South Korea.

Pictures of some KBO South Korean Baseball Cards

KBO Korean Baseball Cards 2014 Set KBO Korean Baseball Cards 2014 Set 2 KBO Korean Baseball Cards 2014 NC Dinos KBO Korean Baseball Cards 2014 Back

Links for More Information on KBO South Korean Baseball

Here are a few websites which have useful information on the KBO South Korean Baseball League;

Official Site in English

Homeplate.kr (not updated recently but has some useful information)

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