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Dak Galbi or Korean Spicy Chicken Stir-fry is a very popular dish and is one of our personal favorites. Also when you think of the best Dak Galbi you normally think of Chuncheon, Gupyeong or that rough area of North Central Korea. This particular restaurant is located in the Cheongna area of Incheon however Chuncheon House is a well respected franchise and therefore other locations should be pretty similar.

The menu is simple and basically just Dak Galbi as well as some extra supporting dishes. Of course like with most Korean meals you get a nice range of side dishes as well as lettuce and other vegetable leaves (for wrapping). The only thing is cooked in front of you and the this restaurant is family run and has a warm atmosphere. Including drinks the whole meal came to around 20,000 for 2 people, which included an online discount coupon from TMon (linked below).

Dak Galbi is well worth trying whilst in South Korea and if in Cheongna we would high recommend Chuncheon House. If not Cheongna other restaurants within the Chuncheon House franchise are a pretty safe and affordable bet.

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Chuncheon House Cheongna Dak Galbi Inside Cheongna Dak Galbi Cooking Start Cheongna Dak Galbi Cooking Cheongna Dak Galbi Food Incheon Chuncheon House Cheongna Dak Galbi Ready Cheongna Dak Galbi Side Dish Cheongna Dak Galbi Soju Bottle

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Cheongna Tak Galbi 2015 before cooking Cheongna Tak Galbi 2015 during meal Cheongna Tak Galbi 2015 meal Cheongna Tak Galbi 2015 Soju

Directions, Map and More Information on “Chuncheon House” Dak Galbi Restaurant (Cheongna, Incheon)

If you’re in Cheongna you need to head west towards Choeun High School and the Xii Apartment complex. It’s located just in front of them next to a convenience store. We’ve included a rough address, phone number and map here.

Here is a rough address: 청라 춘천집 정통닭갈비 서구 연희동
Phone Number: 032-564-6621

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T-Mon or Ticket Monster Deal Link for Chuncheon House Dak Galbi (Expires 2015)

Cheongna Dak Galbi TMON Deal


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