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Pizza and delivery food in general here in South Korea is big business with Chicken, Chinese and of course Korean Food being just a sample of whats on offer. Recently we tried out the pizzas from Pizza Maru (피자마루), which offers both Take Out and Delivery services. It also has locations across most of South Korea (mainly in the North West).

Thoughts: Firstly the topping selection is varied and includes a nice mix of both western and Korean styles. Basically saying that they don’t all have sweet potato or bulgogi on them. Secondly the prices are reasonable and comparable to other franchise chains such as 59 Pizza and Pizza School. Finally the quality of the dough which is surprising made with green tea and the toppings are good, and they are very tasty. The only negative is that the dough was a little dried than we’d have liked. Still overall a very nice pizza place and at an affordable price.

Here are a few pictures of both the pizza and as well as some of the other things we enjoyed.

Pictures of a few Pizza Maru Pizzas and Spaghetti

Pizza Maru South Korea Set Pizza Maru South Korea Bulgogi Pizza Maru South Korea Shrimp Pizza Maru South Korea Chicken Pumpkin Pizza Maru South Korea Chicken Pizza Maru South Korea spaghetti Pizza Maru South Korea Pineapple Pizza Maru South Korea Hawaiian

Goes great with a small soju.
Goes great with a small soju.

Pizza Maru South Korea Side Logo Pizza Maru South Korea Boxes Pizza Maru South Korea Delivery

Pizza Maru Example Menu and Links

Here is an example menu (subject to change depending on location and time);

Pizza Maru South Korea Menu

Here are a couple of useful Pizza Maru links;

Pizza Maru Homepage (in English)

Pizza Maru Locations (in Korean)


As always if you have any questions about Pizza Maru or delivery food in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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