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When you think of alcohol in South Korea you probably think of Soju, Makkoli and Beer. However recently there has been an increased demand for cocktails and other sweeter alcoholic beverages.
When visiting our local CU Mart recently we came across an interesting sight canned Bacardi Mojitos (imported from Japan). A Bacardi Mojito is of course a rum and mint based cocktail which is popular mainly during the summer months. This canned version cost around 2000 ($2) and was surprisingly enjoyable, the taste was very similar to a fresh Mojito and although  it’s not seasonal it was nice to have a brief taste of summer.

Pictures of Canned Bacardi Mojito

Here are a few pictures of this Bacardi Mojito:

Bacardi Mojito Can South Korea Bacardi Mojito Can Korea Glass Bacardi Mojito Can Korea Rum Bacardi Mojito Can Korea Mint


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