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A few months ago before the Winter properly started here in South Korea we visited Dongmak Beach on Ganghwa-Do / Island (강화 동막해변). Ganghwa-Do is a the most northern part of Incheon and is a rural and mainly farming area. However there are numerous pensions (holiday apartments / houses), hotels and beaches, which makes to a popular weekend away holiday destination.

Dongmak Beach is part sand and part mud, the sand is soft and clean whilst the mud is..well like mud :). Many people go into the mud to look for sea creatures, such as octopi, crabs, clams and more. Others just play and enjoy the mud. Close to the beach are a number of restaurants mainly focusing on seafood. As well as cafes and convenience stores such as CU Mart etc. When we went (November Weekend) it wasn’t busy, but at the same point everything was still open for business. It’s a relaxing and peaceful place to enjoy for a few hours. The only love/hate element is the location, which isn’t easy to get to unless you can drive. But this does however lower the number of people visiting and adds to the peaceful nature.

Also close to Dongmak Beach you have Manisan or Manisan Mountain which is the highest peak on Ganghwa-do / Island, at 496.4 meters above sea level. Although we haven’t personally climbed it, it could be something to do before heading to the beach or as part of a small trip.

Overall Dongmak Beach and the surrounding area is an interesting and relaxing place to visit, even if just for a few hours.

Pictures of Dongmak Beach (Ganghwa-Do / Island, Incheon)

Here are a few pictures Dongmak Beach, the mud flats, Manisan Mountain and the surrounding area (taken in November);

Dongmak Beach Ganghwa-do Sand Dongmak Beach Ganghwa-do Soft Sand Dongmak Beach Ganghwa-do Incheon Dongmak Beach Ganghwa Island Incheon Dongmak Beach Ganghwa-do Fall Dongmak Beach Ganghwa Island Silt Dongmak Beach Ganghwa-do Mud Dongmak Beach Ganghwa-do Mud flat Dongmak Beach Ganghwa-do Manisan Mountain Dongmak Beach Ganghwa-do Manisan Dongmak Beach Ganghwa-do Long Dongmak Beach Ganghwa-do Vitamin Ganghwa

Links for and Directions to Dongmak Beach (Ganghwa Island, Incheon)

Dongmak Beach is pretty simple and easy to get to if driving from either Seoul or Incheon, head towards Ganghwa-do and cross the southern bridge. There are signs and directions the rest of the way.
If using Public Transport, travel to Ganghwa-Do island (buses differ depending on where you’re starting from) and get off at the 온수리 (OnSu-Ri) Bus Terminal, then take the number 2 or 3 bus heading south for around 20 to 30minutes. This bus stops are the beach and it’s a local bus and therefore only costs 1000 (or so). You could also take the taxi from the terminal and it shouldn’t cost more than 10,000 ($10).
Here is a map to help:

지도 크게 보기
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Rough Address:
Dongmak-ri, Hwado-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
인천 강화군 화도면 동막리

The Parking Costs here explained here (if driving). It’s 600 for the first 30mins and 300 every 30mins after and you should pay in advance. This parking is right by the beach and cheaper or even free parking can be found a short walk away:

Dongmak Beach Ganghwa-do Parking Cost

Secondly here are a few useful links and Videos for more information on Dongmak Beach (Ganghwa-Do, Incheon);

Visit Korea Webpage on Dongmak Beach


As always if you have any questions about Dongmak Beach, Beaches in Korea or anything else related please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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