Prinkle Korean Drink Zero Calories Eng

These days it seems like a new Soda / Soft Drink is entering the Korean Market. Recently we came across the interestingly named “Prinkle”, which is a Zero Calorie, Vitamin C Soda.
It contains 500mg of Vitamin C. The U.S. Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine recommends an intake of 80mg per day for an adult male. So this contains over 6 times the daily requirement. Which is maybe a little excessive. However the Zero Calories element is very healthy.
The taste is similar to an energy drink but a little bitter, which maybe due to the lack of sugar. All in all it’s a healthy and enjoyable drink but maybe not as nice a regular soda or energy drink. So it’s a little niche, but worthwhile giving a good if you want a little extra vitamin C.

Pictures of “Prinkle” Calorie Free Korean Vitamin Soda

Here are a few pictures of Prinkle:

Prinkle Korean Drink Logo Prinkle Korean Drink in Hangul Prinkle Korean Drink Vitamin C Prinkle Korean Drink Cap

Media for Prinkle featuring EXID

Here is a video for Prinkle:

Poster for Prinkle:

prinkle poster ad EXID


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