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Most leading fast food outlets have opened up locations here in South Korea. Maybe the biggest and most well known fried chicken restaurant in the world KFC / Kentucky Fried Chicken is popular here in South Korea. There are over 165 outlets currently here in South Korea most of which at franchise owned. The first store opened over 30 years ago back in 1984.
The menu is very similar to other nations but sometimes there are Korea exclusive items; such as 불치킨 (Fire Chicken) (2015 / video below) and previously the Meat Beast Burger (chicken buns and a patty inside). The prices are also reasonable; for example a single Tower Burger costs 4,800 ($4.50) or a 9 piece bucket cost 19,500 ($19). Also they do a 1000 ($1) Ice Coffee which is surprisingly good. Finally unlike Korea Chicken places they don’t include the neck, how many people like eating chicken neck anyway?
We visited our local outlet recently and found that the service was fast and simple, ordering in English wasn’t an issue due to the clear and simple menu. They are run different offers which can be very good value. Finally the taste simply put is KFC, it’s the same as in the US, UK, or anywhere else. It’s a nice taste of home with a familiar menu.

Pictures of and Links for KFC / Kentucky Fried Chicken in South Korea

Here are a few pictures of a KFC / Kentucky Fried Chicken and other items from South Korea;

KFC South Korea Bucket KFC South Korea zinger Burger KFC South Korea Bag KFC South Korea Burger Bucket Set KFC South Korea Chicken KFC South Korea zinger KFC South Korea Inside KFC South Korea Fried Chicken KFC South Korea Halloween Bucket KFC South Korea Halloween Set

KFC ₩1000 ($1) Ice Coffee;

KFC South Korea Coffee KFC South Korea Ice Coffee

Also here is an external shot of a KFC / Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet here in South Korea;

KFC South Korea Store Cheongna Incheon

Secondly here are a few useful links and Videos for more information on KFC in South Korea;

Official Website for KFC / Kentucky Fried Chicken Korea

Official Twitter for KFC Korea

KFC / Kentucky Fried Chicken Korea Video advertisement:

Promotional Offer from Halloween 2014:

KFC South Korea Halloween Offer 2014


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