Izakaya Japanese Cheongna Incheon ice beer

After seeing a few interesting posts on Instagram of a Frozen almost ice cream looking draft beer we though is was worth while trying for ourselves. The beer is sold at a Japanese Restaurant in Cheongna, Incheon called Izakaya (이자카야 청라), as well as other places. I may not be a very wintry thing however beer is enjoyable year round. Here is some more information and brief thoughts;

Thoughts: Starting with the drinks, a single iced / Frozen Kirin beer costs 8000 which is a little more than a regular draft Kirin and double the cost of a Korean Draft Beer. Which makes this more of a special occasion. It stayed cold the whole time and didn’t go flat. They do also carry a range of cheaper Korean Beer and Soju for those just looking for a fun night out. Plus a selection of Sake. Secondly the food, we had Tempura seafood platter and it was very enjoyable. Plenty for 2 people but not to much so have room for either more food or more likely dessert. Finally the restaurant as a whole has a clean Japanese theme and can go either sit on the floor or on chairs. The staff were attentive and friendly.

Overall Izakaya is a nice place to visit on a special day, a birthday, leaving meal or even on a date. Plus the Frozen Beer is well worth trying out.

Pictures from Izakaya Japanese Restaurant (Cheongna, Incheon)

Here are a few pictures from Izakaya inside, outside, the food and of course the famous frozen beer:

Izakaya Japanese Cheongna Incheon big outside

Izakaya Japanese Cheongna Incheon sets
Set Menu Options, including beers.

Izakaya Japanese Cheongna Incheon table Izakaya Japanese Cheongna Incheon menu

You're advised to drink this before the iced beer to protect your stomach.
You’re advised to drink this before the iced beer to protect your stomach.

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Links for and Directions to Izakaya Japanese Restaurant (Cheongna, Incheon)

Directions: The Izakaya Restaurant to located next to the Cheongna Canal and in the building across the road from the post office. If taking public transport the 904 or 2-1 stop at the closest bus stop.

For reference here is a map:


Tel: 0325829744
Address: 이자카야 청라 (404-180) 서구 연희동 799-21번지 청라영화블렌하임제B04-B06

Also here is a link to a Korean blog on the Izakaya Restaurant:

Korean Blog on Izakaya (and other Cheongna Places)


As always if you have any questions about Izakaya Restaurant or anything else related to the Cheongna area or Japanese Restaurants in South Korea please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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