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Last year we spent an enjoyable morning down on Wolmido Island (월미도) in Incheon. The Island is close to downtown Incheon, Chinatown, the port and Incheon Subway Station (the end of Line 1). Because of construction it’s not really an island and you don’t need to take a ferry or cost an long bridges to get there.

There are a number of different things to do there depending on the season. Of course the summer is the peak season with people enjoying the weather siting by the water and visiting the small amusement park. Which was featured in PSY’s music video for Hangover feat. Snoop Lion. The the spring and fall it’s popular for the same things plus hiking the hill in the middle of the island and looking at the cherry blossoms. In the Winter it’s pretty quiet with mainly just locals going about their lives. But it’s still nice to visit even then.

Overall whatever time of year it’s a nice place to visit and popular with both young and old.

Pictures from Wolmido Island (Incheon)

Here are a few pictures from Wolmido Island, the seafront, Amusement Park, Cherry Blossom and more (taken in Spring 2014);

Wolmido Island Incheon Wolmido Island Incheon sign with Cherry Blossom Wolmido Island Incheon yellow sea Wolmido Island Incheon seafront Wolmido Island Incheon sea wall Wolmido Island Incheon seafront stores Wolmido Island Incheon Restaurant Wolmido Island Incheon information Wolmido Island Incheon games Wolmido Island Incheon amusement park Wolmido Island Incheon bumper cars Wolmido Island Incheon Cherry Blossom Park Wolmido Island Incheon Cherry Blossom Close Wolmido Island Incheon crab Wolmido Island Incheon Cherry Blossom

Links for and Directions to Wolmido Island (Incheon)

If Driving; head towards Incheon Port and there are then many signs. You’ll pass by the Incheon Subway Station and the entrance to China Town. Parking is widely available, but differs in price depending on location. The further away from the action it can be free.
If using Public Transport; take the subway to Incheon Subway Station (Dark Blue Line 1) and then either take a taxi or the Wolmido monorail train onto the island. It is possible to walk by it would take around 25mins at least.

Here is a map to help:

Secondly here are a few useful links and Videos for more information on Wolmido Island (Incheon);

Visit Korea Webpage on Wolmido Island


As always if you have any questions about Wolmido Island, Downtown Incheon or anything else related please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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