Garlic Bagette Chips 7 Eleven Korea Packet

When your looking for a tasty cheap snack to enjoy on one these cold winter evenings there is a pretty good range at both the local supermarkets and convenience stores. One of our favorites is this pack of Garlic Baguette Chips (마늘바게트) from 7Eleven and priced at just ₩1000 ($1). A lot of Korean snacks taste similar with an often fishy, bean or fake cheese flavor. However these have a nice garlic flavor which isn’t overpowering and a crunchy texture. Finally as you can see in the pictures below they’re made from bread and not a corn or wheat style chip substitute.

Pictures of these ₩1000 Garlic Baguette Chips

Here are a few pictures of these ₩1000 Garlic Baguette Chips:

Garlic Bagette Chips 7 Eleven Korea 1000won Garlic Bagette Chips 7 Eleven Korea Inside Garlic Bagette Chips 7 Eleven Korea Snack

Also available at Mini Stop;

Mini Stop Baguette Chips Korea


As always if you have any questions about these Garlic Baguette Chips or potato chips / snacks in Korea in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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