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One classic combination of that of Beer and French Fries. In Korea we has a Pub / Bar Chain called Avec Des Frites (아벡데프리츠) which specializes in this combination. It has cheap beers and it generally open late, so it’s the type of place you’re likely to end up in at some point. Here are our thoughts on Avec Des Frites.

Thoughts: The beer is cheap at just 2000 ($2) for a 330ml draft beer. Plus you can get a range of 6 different flavored beers such as Lemon, Grapefruit and even Coffee. There are also soft drinks but the focus is on beer. Food, the menu is pretty simple with different sizes of french fries being the highlight, costing from 4000 ($4). The french fries are tasty, good quality and fried fresh. Of course a downside to the food is that it’s not very healthy or a full meal. The range of sauces is also a big deal, 16 different flavors with our favorite being sour cream, but Mayo and Ketchup are classic and close behind. The pub / bar itself is pretty plain, but a nice place to hang out in and chat.

Overall Avec Des Frites is a nice place to go either after dinner or before a night out or even for a couple of drinks after work.

Pictures from Avec Des Frites

Here are a few pictures from Avec Des Frites inside, outside, the food, sauces and beer;

Avec Des Frites Korea Cheongna Incheon Avec Des Frites Korea chips beer Avec Des Frites South Korea Cheongna Beer Avec Des Frites Korea french fries Avec Des Frites Korea instragram Avec Des Frites Korea flavored draft beers Avec Des Frites Korea sauces Avec Des Frites Korea offer menu Avec Des Frites Korea menu food beer Avec Des Frites Korea big menu Avec Des Frites Korea inside cheongna Avec Des Frites Korea kegs

Links for Avec Des Frites Korea

Here are a few useful links for Avec Des Frites;

* Avec Des Frites Homepage (Korean)

* Korean Blog with some nice photos

To find your closest Avec Des Frites search for 아벡데프리츠 on Naver or Daum Maps (maybe Google Maps).


As always if you have any questions about Avec Des Frites or anything else related to beer or french fries in South Korea please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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