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The start of the 2015 K League Classic season is now only a few short weeks away and finally the fixtures for the first 33 games has been released. Incheon United had a disappointing 2014 finished just above the relegation zone. Sadly this season might not be much better with the city (and therefore the team) having financial problems.

Incheon United will once again play all of their home games at the Incheon Football Stadium (Sungui Arena) which is located just outside Dowon Station (Seoul Subway Line 1).

Free 2015 Incheon United Fixture List Download and Printout

Here are the 2015 K League Classic fixtures for Incheon United. It’s available as either a JPEG image or as a high quality PDF file (below).

Unlike last season there are no large break during the season and it will finish a few weeks earlier than last year. There are however more midweek games this season. Also the format is the same as last season with each side playing each other 3 times before the league splits in half and the 6 teams in each half play each other once more.

Incheon United 2015 K League Classic Fixtures in English

CLICK HERE to Download a FREE PDF copy of the Incheon United Fixtures for 2015 in English

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More Information on Incheon United & the K League Classic

Here are a few useful links to find out more information on both Incheon United and the K League Classic in general.

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