Korean Battered Shrimp Scampi fried

Here is our guide to making Korean Tempura / Bread Crumb Battered Shrimp. This is nice little party food or entree, it’s not difficult to make but can be hard to master. Our verison uses bread crumbs instead of a batter and more of a shallow fry than deep fry. This makes it a little healthier and a less oily.

Also for those who don’t know Tempura is a bread battered fried food which comes from Japan. Although are recipe is very similar to the Japanese version we call it Korean as it’s using Korean ingredients and is made in Korea. The whole process doesn’t take to long but is a little fiddly at times. Below we have the ingredients, a picture guide as well as a YouTube video showing a similar process.

Ingredients needed to make Korean Tempura / Battered Shrimp

Korean Battered Shrimp Scampi - fresh Korean Tempura Battered Shrimp Scampi ingredients

Here are the ingredients required to make our version of Tempura / Battered Shrimp:

* Shrimp (or Large Pawns)
* Plain Flour
* Bread Crumbs
* A Large Egg
* Salt & Pepper
* Cooking Oil

Korean Tempura / Battered Shrimp Picture Guide

Here is our step by step guide to making Tempura / Battered Shrimps at home;

1 – Peel the shrimp apart from the tail.

Korean Tempura peeling shrimp Korean Battered Shrimp Scampi peeled

2 – Lightly cover the shrimp in flour.

Korean Battered Shrimp Scampi floured

3 – Dip the shrimp into a mixed egg wash.

Korean Battered Shrimp Scampi batter

4 – Roll the shrimp in bread crumbs (at the point also add salt and pepper).

Korean Battered Shrimp Scampi bread

4.1 (optional) Double cover if required or if you it’s your preference.

Korean Battered Shrimp Scampi breadcrums

5 – Lightly fry in a shallow pan.

Korean Battered Shrimp Scampi frying

6 – Finished and now enjoy with salad and sauce (we like thousand island dressing).

Korean Battered Shrimp Scampi close

Here are a few more pictures of the finished products plus same meal ideas;

Korean Battered Shrimp Scampi Tempura lunch Korean Battered Shrimp Scampi meal Korean Tempura Battered Shrimp meal Korean Battered Shrimp Scampi finished Korean Battered Shrimp Tempura finished

Video and More Useful Links on Making Korean Tempura / Battered Shrimp

Here is an informative video on making Korean Tempura / Battered Shrimp from YouTube Channel SidOhZen:

Also here are a couple of useful links on how to make Tempura / Battered Shrimp at Home:

Justonecookbook.com Recipe


If you have any questions or comments regarding making Korean Tempura / Bread Crumb Battered Shrimp or anything related please feel free to let us know, either via email, our Social Media Homes or by commenting below.

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