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When driving a slightly older car in Korea just like any country you can experience some mechanical issues and degradation. One popular option in order to improve the cars engine effiency is by using a Fuel System Cleaner. The market leader is another Korean made product Bulls OneShot, however we tried the more budget option called Autorus Power Run produced by SK. Just like Bulls OneShot Autorus Power Run claims to clean the cars engine areas of carbon deposits. Therefore improving the cars power & fuel efficiency.

Our car is over 10 years old and has around 120,000km on the clock, we also drive a regular route and almost everyday. This therefore makes it a pretty good test candidate. We followed the instructions and found that there wasn’t a great improvement in the engines power, although it did seem a little smoother when starting up in the mornings. The Fuel Efficiency however has improved, and this coupled with the drop in fuel prices so far in 2015 is saving us a good amount of money these days.

So overall if you have an old car and drive often it might help a little and at least break even in our opinions. But if you’re car is newer or you don’t drive often it might not necessary.


Pictures of SK Korea Autorus  Power Run (Car Fuel System Cleaner)

Here are a few pictures of SK Korea Autorus Power Run and pictures how to use it (basically pour it into our fuel tank);

Power Run SK Korea Autous One Shot Power Run SK Korea Box Bottle Power Run SK Korea Bottle Box Power Run SK Korea Details Autous Power Run SK Korea How to use Power Run SK Korea Using Gasoline


As always if you have any questions about these Autorus Power Run, Car Fuel System Cleaners or car products in Korea in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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