Korean Jeon Pancakes lunar new year

If there is one simple food dish that is ever present during before Korean Lunar New Year (Seolnal / 설날) and Korean Harvest Festival (Chuseok / 추석) it’s Jeon. Jeon, 전 or Korean Pancakes date back hundreds of years and come in various different ways. However they all are generally fried and covered in a thin batter. They make a nice snack when spending time with family and friends, and are also used as a side dish whilst drinking and enjoying the 3 day holiday.

This Korean Lunar New Year (2015) we made 3 different Korean Pancakes / Jeon. Firstly a skewered Kebab style Crab, Ham, Spring Onion and Mushroom Jeon. Then a pork mince circle surrounded by a ring of onion and finally a simple tuna patty jeon. All three were easy to prepare, make, tasty and cheap.

Happy Lunar New Year 2015.

Pictures of our Korean Pancakes or Jeon

Here are a few pictures of 3 different types of simple Jeon / Korean Pancakes we made for this Lunar New Year 2015;

Crab, Ham, Spring Onion and Mushroom Jeon
Crab, Ham, Spring Onion and Mushroom Jeon

Korean Jeon Pancakes crab and ham Korean Jeon Pancakes kebab cooking

Pork Mince Jeon
Pork Mince Jeon
Tuna Jeon
Tuna Jeon

Korean Jeon Pancakes pork finished Korean Jeon Pancakes finished seolnal Korean Jeon Pancakes with soy sauce

How to Make Korean Pancakes / Jeon & Links

Korean Jeon Pancakes Ingredients

Basic guide to making Korean Jeon / Pancakes:

  1. Choose your main ingredient
  2. Then if required fix together with a skewer.
  3. Then cover in flour than egg.
  4. Finally fry until cooked.

Here are a couple of links on Korean Jeon / Pancakes:

A Number of Different Jeon Recipes can be found here thanks to Maangchi.com

Gongdeok Market in Seoul – Famous for it’s Jeon Restaurants


As always if you have any questions about Korean Pancakes / Jeon or traditional food in Korea in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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