Pork Galbi at Home packet

Sometimes we all lack a little free time and cooking sometimes takes a backseat to eating out or delivery food. However Homeplus currently offers a range of a different prepared food packs which only require cooking and limited preparation. Here we have a Pork Galbi (돼지 갈비), this simply is pork in a spicy Korean marinade.
The pack is available from Homeplus / Homeplus Express and when we purchased this pack it was being sold for ₩4900 (although that was last year). It’s enough to feed 2 people, but extra vegetables, rice and side dishes aren’t included and would improve and bulk out the meal. This is a cost effective and tasty why to eat a little Pork Galbi without having to go to a restaurant or buying a full jar/bottle of galbi sauce.

Directions / How to Use this Pork Galbi at Home Pack

Firstly prepare a few vegetables, we used onion, spring onion and carrot. Then simply fry the galbi and vegetables together until cooked, around 5-8mins. That’s it and now you can enjoy. If you like it extra spicy maybe add some extra chilli, and if there are more than 2 people maybe add a few extra vegetables and maybe a extra side dish or two.

Pork Galbi at Home homeplus

Pictures of Pork Galbi at Home Pack Before, During and After Cooking

Here are a few pictures showing the process of cooking this Pork Galbi at Home Pack from Homeplus;

Pork Galbi at Home inside homeplus pack Pork Galbi at Home sauce Pork Galbi at Home cooking Pork Galbi at Home cooking homeplus Pork Galbi at Home cooked homeplus Pork Galbi at Home finished with rice


As always if you have any questions about this Pork Galbi at Home Pack from Homeplus or anything else related please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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