Buyeo Chestnut Makkoli front

With Spring just around the corner that means cherry blossom, hiking and enjoying a little makkoli outside. Of course there are many different types of Makkoli, however one that has been growing in popularity is Chestnut Makkoli. Here we have one called Buyeo Chestnut Makkoli (부여 알밤 생막걸리), Buyeo is the name of an ancient Korean kingdom dating back over 2000 years and was located where modern Manchuria is. However this Makkoli is named after the Buyeo county which is located in South Chungcheong, eastern South Korea and where the chestnut are grown.

This Makkoli contains 6% alcohol and is priced between 1000 and 2000. It has a earthy chestnut taste and slightly yellow color. It’s a little sweeter than regular rice makkoli and matches perfectly to a mid-morning hike drink or with Jeon (Korean Pancakes) or Tteokbokki (Spicy Korean Rices Cakes). If you’re looking for a new makkoli to try we’d recommend this one.

Pictures of Buyeo Chestnut Makkoli (부여 알밤 생막걸리)

Here are a few pictures of Buyeo Chestnut Makkoli (부여 알밤 생막걸리):

Buyeo Chestnut Makkoli cap Buyeo Chestnut Makkoli poured Buyeo Chestnut Makkoli back details Buyeo Chestnut Makkoli front


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