Hwatongsam Korean Barbecue front Cheongna

When you think of Korean food and Korean cooking one of your first thoughts might be barbecue. There is almost 1 barbecue place on every street here in South Korea with a range of specialties, from different meats to cooking styles. A popular restaurant chain here is Hwatongsam (화통삼), which has locations across the country and over 70 branches in Seoul alone. It’s even expanding into China this year. A couple of things make Hwatongsam stand out from the crowd. Firstly the meat is sealed by cooking it in a wood burning oven (similar to a pizza oven), which seals in the flavor as well as adding a natural aroma. Secondly the entertainment element, once the food is cooked they light it on fire. It makes for a nice photo opportunity and is fun.

Brief Thoughts: Firstly as already mentioned the entertainment aspect makes this place memorable and a little different from your regular everyday barbecue places. Secondly food wise we chose a set menu which included a few different cuts of pork as well shrimp, sausage and a patty. All were very tasty and of a good quality. Finally price the set menu cost (at the time) 13,000 and we had 2 which was more than enough for 2 people, when you add on some fried rice with cheese and drink the total was around 35,000 (17,500 per person) a very reasonable price.

Overall Hwatongsam is affordable, tasty, quality and entertaining. If you’re looking for a slight twist on your regular Korean Barbecue we’d recommend trying this place out.

Pictures from Hwatongsam (화통삼) Korean Barbecue Restaurant

Here are a few pictures from Hwatongsam inside, outside and the food;

Hwatongsam Korean Barbecue before meat Hwatongsam Korean Barbecue sauces Hwatongsam Korean Barbecue sides Hwatongsam Korean Barbecue shrimp Hwatongsam Korean Barbecue samgyeopsal Hwatongsam Korean Barbecue pork incheon Hwatongsam Korean Barbecue fire show Hwatongsam Korean Barbecue fire cheongna Hwatongsam Korean Barbecue fried egg onion Hwatongsam Korean Barbecue cheese rice

Links for Hwatongsam (화통삼) Korean Barbecue Restaurant

Here are a few useful links for Hwatongsam:

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To find your closest Hwatongsam search for 화통삼 on Naver or Daum Maps (maybe Google Maps).


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