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Health, Energy and/or  Vitamin drinks are very popular here in South Korea and therefore is stands to reason that there would be a wide range of different options. One of the more popular for a range of different problems are Korean Red Ginseng Drinks. We went for the Homeplus Gold version (홍삼 골드), as it’s one of the cheaper options as well as being easy to find.

After reading a few different web articles as well as talking with friends the main benefits of red ginseng are as follows:
Men: It helps with fertility, stamina and overall libido. Basically it good for the bedroom.
Women: It’s been said to be good for improving estrogen production, helping negative effects of menopause and once again in the bedroom.
Children: (warning should be used in moderation) Can improve energy levels and immune response.
Side Effects: The side effects can be lowering of blood sugar levels and if over consumed can cause headaches.

Overall Red Ginseng is healthy and can aid in a number of different areas. It should always be taken in moderation and avoided when taking other medicine. We find it a healthy and more natural substitute to coffee and personally like the taste.

Pictures of Red Ginseng Gold Korean Health Drink (Homeplus Version)

Here are a few more pictures of Red Ginseng Gold Korean Health Drink (Homeplus Version);

Red Ginseng Gold Drink box Red Ginseng Gold Drink homeplus Red Ginseng Gold Drink Korean Red Ginseng Gold Drink top Red Ginseng Gold Drink details


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