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Chicken Bus (칙킨 버스) is a fried chicken chain restaurant with locations throughout Seoul and South Korea in general. We’ve only visited the Cheongna branch so we’re going to focus on that location, although as a chain other branches should be similar. Fried chicken is extremely popular here in South Korea and you don’t have a look far and wide to find one. However some are more geared towards take out, others the food whilst Chicken Bus and a few others more towards sociable drinking and food. Here are our thoughts on Chicken Bus.

Thoughts: Firstly the food, the chicken was tasty and the meat was thick and not overly greasy. We also had french fries which were surprisingly good. Secondly the drinks, the big table beer tap/pitcher was a unique selling point and it was nice to be able to pour your own draft beers. Although it did go a little flat after 90mins. Finally the place itself, the booths added privacy but you didn’t feel pinned in or claustrophobic. The TVs on the wall and art adding to the relaxed and laid back atmosphere of the place.

Overall Chicken Bus is a solid fried chicken restaurant, but is a little more geared towards a weekend / social drinking than just about the food. Well worth checking out if in the area.

Pictures from Chicken Bus (Cheongna, Incheon)

Here are a few pictures from inside of Chicken Bus as well as some of the food / drinks we enjoyed:

Chicken Bus Cheongna Incheon Table Beer Chicken Bus Cheongna Incheon Draft Beer Chicken Bus Cheongna Incheon fried chicken Chicken Bus Cheongna Incheon french fries Chicken Bus Cheongna Incheon sign Chicken Bus Cheongna Incheon art Chicken Bus Cheongna Incheon interior Chicken Bus Cheongna Incheon booth

Links for and Directions to Chicken Bus (Cheongna, Incheon)

Directions: The Chicken Bus Restaurant to located next to the Cheongna Canal in the large building just before the bridge (next to Homeplus).

It’s not the easiest to explain so for reference here is a map:

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Also here are links for Chicken Bus:

Official Chicken Bus Website (Korean)

Korean Daum Blog on Chicken Bus

If you’re looking for a Chicken Bus Restaurant in your local area, try searching for 칙킨 버스 on Naver Maps or Daum Maps.


As always if you have any questions about Chicken Bus or anything else related to the Cheongna area or Fried Chicken Restaurants in South Korea please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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