Korean Pokemon Cards XY Primal Clash

Before we get started honestly we have very little knowledge of Pokemon Cards and current day Pokemon in general. We’ve played a couple of the earlier games in our school days and watched a bit of the anime. That being said these cards brought back some fond memories from about 15 years ago and we were pleasantly surprised to see Pokemon and Pokemon Cards still entertaining people all these years later.

We purchased one single pack of the latest series (Release Feb 2015) XY Primal Clash (가이아 볼케이노), costing just 500 (50¢). After some quick research (http://pokebeach.com) we where able to work out which cards we had received. So here are the 5 Pokemon Cards from our Korean XY Primal Clash Pack (in English and Korean):

  • 마그마그 = Slugma
  • 두더류 = Drilbur
  • 니드리나 = Nidorina
  • 요가램 = Medicham
  • 선배 & 후배 = Teammates

There are a few differences between the English version and Korean. Firstly the names, maybe they’re more similar to the Japanese but only 1 is the same in both Korean and English. Secondly the height and weight of each Pokemon is in metric rather than imperial, for obvious reasons. Finally number of cards in the set is lower at just 70 vs. 160, not really sure why.

Overall these cards are nostalgic and a cheap / fun little memento.

Pictures of Our South Korean Pokemon Cards (XY Primal Clash)

Here are the 5 cards we got from our single Korean Pokemon XY Primal Clash Pack, plus a Korean Pokemon League card;

Korean Pokemon Cards XY back South Korean Pokemon Cards XY Korean Pokemon Cards XY slugma Korean Pokemon Cards XY drilbur Korean Pokemon Cards XY nidorina Korean Pokemon Cards XY teammates Korean Pokemon Cards XY medicham Korean Pokemon Cards XY 2015 Korean Pokemon Cards XY League Korean Pokemon Cards XY energy

Also here are a few more of the XY Primal Clash packet;

Korean Pokemon Cards XY Primal Clash pack Korean Pokemon Cards XY top Korean Pokemon Cards XY Primal Clash Back


As always if you have any questions about Korean Toys, Pokemon or anything else related please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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