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Maybe the most famous student area in the whole of Seoul and Korea is Hongdae, and when you think students you often think on a budget. Recently we went to a budget Meat Buffet Restaurant / Salad Bar called Meat-ing (미팅 고기뷔페). This place to popular with students as it’s cheap and has long opening hours. Here are our thoughts;

Thoughts: Firstly the main positives, it’s cheap at just ₩11,500 ($11) for lunch or ₩12,900 ($12) for dinner (per person), in Seoul that’s a good deal. Also most of the signs are in both English and Korean, and the staff at least try to speak in English. The final positive is the selection, it’s pretty good with a few different cuts of both pork and beef as well as a range of side dishes some more western focused. Now the negatives, the quality is low, the beef is really cheap and so you’re better sticking with the pork which is at least average. The sign says salad bar, but that’s a generous description. Finally it does get busy at peak times, so ordering drinks etc can take a while.

Overall Meat-ing Meat Buffet is a great place to go if you’re on a budget or feeding a large group. However it’s not a great example of Korean BBQ and so if you have a little extra cash in your pocket, trade up.

Pictures from Meat-ing Meat Buffet (Hongdae, Seoul)

Here are a few pictures from inside of Meat-ing Meat Buffet as well as some of the food:

Meating Meat Buffet Hongdae Seoul selection Meating Meat Buffet Hongdae Seoul food Meating Meat Buffet Hongdae Seoul grill Meating Meat Buffet Hongdae Seoul sides Meating Meat Buffet Hongdae Seoul front

Links for and Directions to Meat-ing Meat Buffet (Hongdae, Seoul)

Directions: Meat-ing Meat Buffet down a side street close to Hongik University Subway Station. If you’re heading from the station take exit 9 and turn left passing KFC. Then take your first right and it’s about 3minutes walk down this street and on your left hand side.

For reference here is a map:

Also here is a link for Meat-ing Meat Buffet:

Korean Blog Post

There are a few Meat-ing Buffets around Seoul and surrounding cities, search for 미팅 고기뷔페 on Naver Maps and they’ll pop up.


As always if you have any questions about Meat-ing Meat Buffet or anything else related to the Meat Buffet Restaurants in South Korea please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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