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E-Mart Traders is an off-shoot from one of the big 3 supermarkets here in South Korea. The big 3 supermarket chains are Lotte Mart, Homeplus and E-Mart. E-Mart however is the first to move into the warehouse style supermarkets similar to the US giant Costco (which does have stores in South Korea). The main differences from Costco is that it’s more focused on Korean products and therefore has less imports. Also unlike Costco E-Mart Traders has no membership requirement, so you can just visit whenever you like.

Thoughts: Firstly it’s big both in terms of size and it’s products, this truly is bulk buying and therefore plan ahead and maybe avoid if you’re just looking for just a pint of milk and a loaf of bread. Secondly the prices are cheap when compered to regular E-Mart, but that’s most likely done to economies of scale. Next the product range is great with basically everything you’ll ever need, the fruit and vegetable section is fresh and the beer range is impressive. Finally when we went on a weekday morning, it wasn’t overly busy and there was plenty of parking (although we’ve heard weekends can be the opposite).

Overall if you’re shopping for a family, event, serious beer run or business, E-Mart traders certainly offers some great savings and impressive range. However if you’re just looking to do a weekly shop it’s not any better than your local supermarket.

Pictures from E-Mart Traders

Here are a few pictures from inside of an E-Mart Traders (this one is the Incheon location):

E-Mart Traders Korea Fruit Vegetables

E-Mart Traders Egg Room :)
E-Mart Traders Egg Room 🙂
The vast Beer area at E-Mart Traders
The vast Beer area at E-Mart Traders

E-Mart Traders Korea Kitchen Ware E-Mart Traders Korea Cookies E-Mart Traders Korea Chilled

Links for and Locations of E-Mart Traders

Official E-Mart Traders Website (Korean)

Official E-Mart Traders Locations Page (Korean)

Also if you search for 트레이더스 on Naver Maps (maybe Google) you should be able to work out directions.


As always if you have any questions about E-Mart Traders or supermarkets / shopping in South Korea please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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