Korean Egg Bread Gaeran Bang

Like any country Korea has a wide range of different street foods, one of our favorite quick snacks is Korean Egg Bread / 계란빵 (GyeRan Bang). It’s a simple mix of a pancake/cake batter base with a egg on top, some places add nuts, seeds or even cheese. Normally they cost between 500 and 1000 (under $1) each and can be found in almost all Korean Street Markets as well as food stalls around South Korea. It’s a tasty snack whilst on the go and pretty healthy too.

If you’re interested in making Korean Egg Bread at home here is a Recipe Guide from My Korean Kitchen.

Pictures of Korean Egg Bread / 계란빵

Here are a few pictures of the popular Korean Street Food Egg Bread / 계란빵:

Korean Egg Bread Street Food Bupyeong Korean Egg Bread Street Food Finished Korean Egg Bread Incheon Bupyeong Market Korean Egg Bread Street Food Instagram


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