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This is the first in a bimonthly series highlighting our top 5 purchases from the Korean online store GMarket. GMarket for those who don’t know is an online marketplace similar to both Amazon Marketplace and eBay back in the United States, UK etc. You can purchase items through the website from some of the companies and have them delivered worldwide, whilst other products are only available domestically in South Korea. The range of different products stretches from clothing and cosmetics to groceries and household products.

Our top 5 products are a wide mix with each one being from a different product category. They may not all be super interesting but we’ve found each useful in their own way.

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Our Top 5 GMarket Purchases for May / June 2015

In no particular order:

1 – Hanil 14inch Standing Fan (then 22,900, now 26,300)

Standing Fan Gmarket 2015

This is a good quality standing fan which is also a requirement during these hot humid summer months. The price has increase since we purchased one, but it’s still a good deal.

GMarket May 2015 - Standing Fan


2 – Luxury Black Office Chair (64,900)

Black Office Chair Gmarket 2015 Black Office Chair parts Gmarket 2015

A perfect addition to a home office, easy to put together and super comfortable. We went for the 로망스검정(철발)포켓스프링 option.

GMarket May 2015 - Office Chair


3 – Korean Plums or Maesil 10kg (was 11,900, now unavailable)

Korean Plums Box  Gmarket 2015Korean Plums Maesil Gmarket 2015

Buying a box of Korean Plums, Green Plums or Maesil (매실) is somewhat of a tradition here in South Korea, and at this price is was worth a go. The quality was good enough for making Maehwasu, but a little low for other things.

GMarket May 2015 - Korean Plums Maesil


4 – inote Bluetooth Headphones BT-N6 (27,900)

inote bluetooth headphones Gmarket 2015 inote bluetooth headphones box Gmarket 2015

A nice accessory for runner, joggers or those who want to keep their phone in their pockets/bag. It doubles as a wireless headset, so you can chat whilst exercising. It can drain the phone battery a little if used for a prolonged period.

GMarket May 2015 - inote Bluetooth Headphones BT-N6


5 -Probest Dry Cat Food 9kg (18,900)

Probest Adult Dry Cat Food Gmarket 2015

Carry a 9kg bag of cat food back from the supermarket is a hard task, therefore when you can get it cheaper and delivered to your door is a bit of a no-brainer.

GMarket May 2015 - Probest Cat Food 9kg


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Declaimer: We don’t work for or represent GMarket or eBay Korea in anyway. We’re also not benefiting directly or indirectly from the sales of the items listed. This post is simply to highlight a few of the items we purchased recently and enjoyed, found useful and/or felt were good value. Also if you purchase any of these items and don’t agree with our opinion, please complain to the supplier and not us.
Thank you for your continued interest.


As always if you have any questions about these GMarket products or GMarket in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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