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Fried Chicken is big business here with countless different restaurants and delivery companies, as well as western chains such as KFC and Popeyes Chicken. One place you think about when you think of food but not so much fried chicken in the Korean supermarket chain Homeplus. Here are our thoughts on this cheap fried chicken set;

Thoughts: Firstly it’s great value at ₩6500 ($6.50) for essentially a whole chickens worth of pieces, which is enough for a couple of people maybe more. Secondly the taste and quality of the chicken is good and better than we expected from the price we paid. Finally it comes with a couple of different flavors, an onion flavor as well as a curry style flavor. Both of which are nice additions. On the negative style, but the time you’ve finished your shopping and gotten home it’s still warm but not hot and therefore a microwave maybe required.

Overall if you’re looking for some fried chicken on a budget or maybe to makeup a picnic this set from Homeplus is well worth picking up.

Pictures of the Homeplus Fried Chicken

Here are a few pictures of the Homeplus Fried Chicken set;

Homeplus Fried Chicken pack Homeplus Fried Chicken price tag Homeplus Fried Chicken flavors Homeplus Fried Chicken Incheon South Korea Tesco Homeplus Fried Chicken bucket


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