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Back at the start of this summer we went on an enjoyable weekend trip to Muuido Island which is just off the coast of the Incheon International Airport Island. There are a number of nice sandy beaches as well as hiking trails, fishing spots and restaurants. It’s not the simplest place to get to however it’s worth it once you’re there.

Thoughts: Muuido Island and Hanagae Beach are both on the whole clean and the people who live / work there are friendly with some speaking at least basic English. The island and beach are fun to visit as a couple, family or group; however it might not be worthwhile if you’re traveling alone as there’s not a huge amount to do apart from relax, eat and drink. The beach huts are an interesting experience but a little dated when compared to most hotels these days. In the Spring, Summer and early Fall months the weather is nice enough to visit, however it’s pretty dead and not so much fun during the cold Winter months.

Overall both Muuido Island and Hanagae Beach provide an enjoyable short getaway and aren’t very far away from Seoul, Incheon and most of the North West of South Korea.

How to Get to Muuido Island, Incheon & Ferry Details

Muuido Island Incheon car ferry

Firstly in order to get to the Jamjinnaru Ferry Terminal (on Yongyudo Island) via public transport you can either take the 222 bus from Incheon Airport (3rd floor Bus Gate 7) or take the 306 (from either Dong-Incheon Station, Cheongna or the Airport) to Geojampo and then walk across the bridge 15/20mins walk. The 222 bus can be extremely busy between 10am to 2pm during peak times.The 222 bus also stops running at 8.20pm.

Muuido Island Incheon Map

It costs 3000 for a return ferry ticket, of course you can take a car across the price is around 20,000 (return) but the pricing is a little complicated and you’ll have to also factor in the airport island toll fees. The ferry takes less than 10mins as the distance is less than 1km. Full details on the ferry timetable can be found in the links at the bottom of this post (the last ferry is normally around 8pm).

Muuido Island Incheon ferry ticket

Hanagae Beach Directions, Beach Huts and Other Details

Hanagae Beach (하나개해수욕장) on Muuido Island is the hotspot and the main place to enjoy your trip to Muuido Island. To get there you need to take the Number 1 Bus from the dock which can be found easily after leaving the ferry. The bus takes around 20mins and you need to get off at the final stop.

There is a 2000 beach entry fee (but parking is free / cash only) after that it’s a short walk to the beach as well as a number of restaurants, a small store, toilets, showers, the beach huts and other amenities. The store sells barbecue supplies, snacks, drinks and fireworks but it does close at 8pm and is more expensive than most marts (due to the location).

If you’re looking to stay overnight (or miss the last ferry) the beach huts offer an interesting experience and are right on the shoreline. They will set you back 40,000 for a small 2/4 person beach hut (price is subject to change / cash only); this includes blankets and heated flooring.

Muuido Island Incheon Hanagae Beach Enterance

Pictures from Hanagae Beach, Muuido Island & the Yellow Sea

Firstly here are a few pictures taken on Hanagae Beach on Muuido Island;

Muuido Island Incheon Hanagae Beach 2015 Muuido Island Incheon Hanagae Beach Afternoon Muuido Island Incheon Hanagae Beach Mud flats Muuido Island Incheon Hanagae Beach panoramic Muuido Island Incheon Makkoli Muuido Island Incheon Hanagae Beach Huts Muuido Island Incheon Hanagae Beach Huts Dusk Muuido Island Incheon Beach Sunset Muuido Island Incheon Beach BBQ Barbecue

Secondly here are a few pictures of Muuido Island and the Yellow Sea;

Muuido Island Incheon from the ferry Muuido Island Incheon Yellow Sea Muuido Island Incheon Yellow Sea Islands Boats Muuido Island Incheon south korea ferry Muuido Island Incheon upper deck Muuido Island Incheon jetty

Useful Links for Muuido Island & Hanagae Beach

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For Hanagae Beach:

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As always if you have any questions about Muuido Island, Hanagae Beach and Islands / Traveling in South Korea in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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