Antique Korean Coin 1078 GoryeoSouth Korea has a long and interesting history, and were there is history there are also antiques and souvenirs. On a recent trip to the historic area of insadong in Seoul we came across a street vender selling a range of different items, from old stamps, books, banknotes to old coins. Some of the coins where more recent Korean won from the 1950s, some American $1 dollar coins and coins from other nations. However the coins that caught our eyes where the very old Korean coins. They ranged in age, design and condition but were all very interesting. It’s not everyday you come across a 935+ year old coin.

The price might surprise you, it was only 4000 ($4). The type of price that makes you question the authenticity for the coin, but it’s worth buying if only as a souvenir.
The coin is dated 1078 and therefore for the very early days of Korea during the Goryeo Dynasty which lasted from 918 to 1392. The king at the time of this coin was King Munjong. The front has writing in Chinese script that we cannot read and the back it blank.

More Pictures of the Antique Korean Coin from 1078 (Goryeo Dynasty)

Here are a few more pictures front and back of this Antique Korean Coin;

Antique Korean Coin 1078 Munjong of Goryeo Antique Korean Coin 1078 Insadong Shopping Seoul Antique Korean Coin 1078 Closeup Antique Korean Coin 1078 BackFinally

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