Budaejjigae Noodles front packOne of the most popular things here in Korea (maybe only behind Kimchi and Starcraft) are instant noodles. There are rows and rows of them in the supermarkets and range from budget to gourmet. Also although not a snack like potato chips or candy, Instant Noodles fill in the space between main meals and therefore are very similar, and that why they’ve made this short series.

The Instant Noodles we’re looking at today is the Poldo brand Budaejjigae Instant Noodles (부대찌개 라면). Budae Jjigae (also sometimes called Army Stew) is a simple meal normally made up of a few pieces of meat, kimchi, vegetables, baked beans and noodles as well as rice on the side.

Thoughts: The flavor is spicy but not overly, the flavors are very similar to a regular Budaejjigae. The noodles and little pieces of meat are of a good quality when compered to other instant noodles. The price is normally around 1000 ($1) maybe less. Finally these noodles make a nice snack or lunch when you are short on time and it’s pretty filling.

Pictures of Budaejjigae Instant Noodles / 부대찌개 라면

Budaejjigae Noodles before Budaejjigae Noodles after Budaejjigae Noodles multipackFinally

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