Caffe Pascucci Shakerato Coffee 2015The Korean Summers are long, hot and humid, therefore a refreshing cool drink is often a welcome sight. This summer a from chain coffee shops here in South Korea have released almost draft beer (similar to Guinness in appearance) style coffees. With a creamy white head and dark body, served over ice. These Coffees are a welcome addition to the menus.

The Caffe Pascucci entry is the Shakerato (not to be mistaken for the Chilled Espresso of the same name). The Shakerato (샤케라또) set us back 4,800 ($5) which is cheaper than a similarly sized Latte. It also came with a small Ice Cream (not sure if that happens every time or if it was just service).

The taste of the Caffe Pascucci Shakerato was refreshing, strong but sweet. The consistency was smooth and drinking from a pint glass was for me personally a nice feeling of home. It maybe a little expensive for some but is about right for this coffee chain. We’d recommend trying it on a lazy summer lunchtime if you can find the time.

Pictures of the Caffe Pascucci Shakerato (Summer 2015 Special)

Here are is a few more pictures of the Caffe Pascucci Shakerato;

Caffe Pascucci Shakerato Pint Glass Draft Korea Caffe Pascucci Shakerato Summer 2015 Incheon Caffe Pascucci Shakerato South Korea Cheongna Caffe Pascucci Shakerato Coffee with ice creamCaffe Pascucci Shakerato ReceiptCaffe Pascucci Korea Logo ShakeratoOther Coffees from Caffe Pascucci;

Cafe Latte from Pascucci
Cafe Latte from Pascucci

More Information on the Caffe Pascucci Shakerato

Shakerato Caffe Pascucci PosterFinally

As always if you have any questions about Caffe Pascucci, The Shakerato and/or Coffee in South Korea in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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