Blueberry Soju bottle frontA couple of months ago we posted about the emergence of a new super popular type of Soju. Which was the Citron Soju – More Info Click Here. At the same time 3 other flavors where released by small soju producer Munak (also know as Good Day / 좋은데이). These flavors where Yellow (Citron/Lemon), Red (Pomegranate) and Blue (Blueberry). Like the Chum Churum Citron Soju these all proved super popular and the company Munak couldn’t make supply with the huge demand. However a few months on and the supply has now improved and availability is much improved (although still not super easy everywhere).

This post will look at the Blue or Blueberry Soju (블루), here are our thoughts;

Thoughts: The taste is sweet almost syrupy, mild and without the normal bitter soju aftertaste. The alcoholic content is a modest 14% (same as other flavored sojus) which is a little deceptive and should be taken carefully. The Blueberry flavor soft, not overpowering and summery. The price varies from place to place, in stores it’s around 1500 (if available) whilst bars/restaurants generally sell it for around 4000 a bottle. Overall it’s tasty, soft and affordable but like other flavored sojus a little difficult to find in certain areas.

Vs. Other Flavored Sojus: In our opinion the Blueberry Soju is more enjoyable to drink flavor-wise than the Red (Pomegranate), Yellow (Citron/Lemon). It’s also better than the Chum Churum Citron. But we preferred the Grapefruit Soju from Hite Jinro. Because the Grapefruit flavor seems more natural in our opinion. Still this is currently our 2nd favorite of the new flavors.

Overall it’s well worth trying out on a Friday/Saturday evening made as a warmup before regular soju, but as always with a stronger alcoholic beverage be careful.

A few key words worth noting: 순하리 (Mild), 블루베리 (Blueberry) and the brand name 좋은데이 (Good Day).

Pictures & Instagram Posts of Blueberry Soju

Our Pictures of Blueberry Soju (좋은데이):

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More Information on Blueberry Soju

Links for Blueberry Soju and the Munak (좋은데이) Brand;

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Posters and Media for Blueberry Soju / 블루:

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As always if you have any questions about Blueberry Soju, Flavored Soju’s or Alcohol in South Korea in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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