Korean Cool Ranch Doritos bag frontA few years back here in South Korea imported products and even western style products weren’t easy to come by, and where either overpriced or a poorly made clone. However times (and demands) have changed with western imports and flavors more readily available. For example for this part of our Korean Snack Series we’re looking at Korean Cool Ranch Doritos. These chips include the Doritos branding by are made under license by Lotte. Here are our thoughts;

Thoughts: Firstly the taste is as you’d expect a cool ranch flavor (same as the US version but made by Lotte), which is a salad dressing or cream style with mild herbs. Secondly the price at 1500 ($1.50) is similar to other chips of this size. They are easy to find at Homeplus as well as other supermarkets and some convenience stores. Finally for many these Cool Ranch Doritos will make a nice taste of home, whilst for others they’re an enjoyable and flavorful snack.

Pictures of Korean Cool Ranch Doritos

Korean Cool Ranch Doritos in hangul Korean Cool Ranch Doritos logo Korean Cool Ranch Doritos Details Korean Cool Ranch Doritos price Korean Cool Ranch Doritos InsideFinally

As always if you have any questions about Korean Cool Ranch Doritos or snacks in South Korea in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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