McCol Korean Wheat Soda CanThe next entry into our Korean Snack Series is McCol Korean Wheat Soda or 맥콜. This soda was very popular in times gone by, but has gotten a little lost with so much competition within the Korean Soda Market. It’s still available in nearly every convenience store and supermarket. However you’ll rarely see people drinking it as it’s seen as being a little dated. Here are our thoughts on McCol;

Thoughts: The taste is unique and slightly earthy/natural but enjoyable. It’s also slightly bitter and less sugary than other sodas. The price at around W1000 ($1) a can or less is similar to other sodas and good value. The high number of Vitamins (B1, B2 and C) means it should be healthy and good for all ages. On the negative side the design it a little dated and the slogan “Spark Up!” has a less healthy meaning in some other parts of the world.

Overall it healthy, cheap and tasty. Well worth trying if you’re looking for a less sugary soda option.

Pictures of Homeplus McCol Korean Wheat Soda

Pictures of McCol:McCol Korean Wheat Soda Front Hangul McCol Korean Wheat Soda Vitamin McCol Korean Wheat Soda InfoFinally

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