This is the third part in our new YouTube / Minecraft series. This is a little bit of a change of pace when compared to our other videos and website posts, but as we mentioned before Modern Seoul is quickly nearing it’s 4th birthday we thought we’d try something new. This is our first ever entry into the Minecraft world and first gaming mini-series.

The video in uncut but we sped up certain parts (basically fast forwarding) to keep the video to a reasonable length and also to make it a little more watchable. Sadly in this part we had a technical issue and we had to back track at the start of night 3.

Please Note: Our Minecraft Knowledge & Level in pretty basic, we know the basics but not nothing mega advanced or technical. However we feel that most people will be in the some shoes, or at least can laugh at how awful we are at Minecraft.

We hope you enjoy it and fingers crossed this will develop into a fun new and slightly different series. Also for Part 1 Please Click Here and for Part 2 Click Here

Rules of Modern Seoul vs. The Wild (Minecraft Series)

Modern Seoul Minecraft vs. The Wild Day 3Here are the key rules that we set when starting this series / game:

  • Random World
  • Basic Survival Mode Setting
  • No Sleeping
  • No Doors on Shelters or Buildings
  • Keep Moving; so no more than 1 day & night in one place
  • Stay Alive

Modern Seoul vs. The Wild: Day 2 and Night 2 Events and Thoughts

Day 3: Day 3 starts were day 2 ended running away from a few monsters and trying to find new things and rebuild after dying on the second night. The day was mainly an effort to mine and craft in order to explore more of this land.

Start of Day Minecraft vs. The Wild Day 3 Crafting a Boat - Minecraft vs. The Wild Day 3 Sunset - Minecraft vs. The Wild Day 3Night 3: Due to a technical error we lost a lot of our resources from the day but we moved on quickly and tried to survive another night. Spider and Zombie attacks kept things interesting from time to time, but it wasn’t until later into the dark that we came closest to death. If not for a lucky jump a creeper would have killed us for the second time in as many nights. The night ended with a little hiding, crafting and watching the sunrise.

oops Minecraft vs. The Wild Day 3 Spider Kill Minecraft vs. The Wild Day 3 Almost Dead Minecraft vs. The Wild Day 3 Sunrise Minecraft vs. The Wild Day 3Finally

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