Paik's Coffee Korea Cheongna IncheonOver the past year there has been a large expansion in the cheap and celebrity endorsed Coffee Shop Chain Paik’s Coffee / 빽다방. Although the chain started back in 2006, it’s taken until recently for it to catch the public interest and the interest of business owners. The advantage is that it’s seen as being fashionable but at the same point it’s cheap. Franchises are opening up all over Seoul as well as the rest of Korea, so you don’t have to go far to try out this new trend. Here are our thoughts on Paik’s Coffee;

Thoughts: Firstly the prices of the Coffees is the main highlight W2000 for a basic Americano Ice Coffee. Lattes and others cost around W3000 making them cheaper than Starbucks and other coffee shop chains. Secondly the size of the coffee is larger than most containing around 500ml. Finally the other items on the menu such as the soft serve ice-cream are also great value.
On the negative side, you get want you pay for and so the quality is maybe a little lower than other chains. Also crushed ice isn’t for everyone and in the summer it melts quickly and waters down the coffee.

In Conclusion Paik’s Coffee is excellent value, has a nice range, simple menu and is of a reasonable quality for the price.

Pictures from Paik’s Coffee Korea

Here are a few pictures of the Coffees, Sandwiches, Ice Cream and Other Drinks we enjoyed from Paik’s Coffee;

Paik's Coffee Korea Set Paik's Coffee Korea Set by Cheongna Canal Way Paik's Coffee Korea Juice Soda Paik's Coffee Korea Americano Latte Paik's Coffee Korea Instagram Paik's Coffee Korea Americano Front Paik's Coffee Korea Large Size Cheap Paik's Coffee Korea Lunch Set Paik's Coffee Korea Sandwich Paik's Coffee Korea Crushed Ice Paik's Coffee Korea Soft Serve Ice Cream Paik's Coffee Korea Straw Paik's Coffee Korea Recipe Paik's Coffee Korea Cartoon LogoSecondly here are a few external (Cheongna, Incheon Location) and menu shots;

Paik's Coffee Korea Summer Specials Paik's Coffee Korea Size Deal Paik's Coffee Korea PromotionsLocations of Paik’s Coffee Korea

To find the close Paik’s Coffee to you try searching for 빽다방 on Naver or Daum Maps.


As always if you have any questions about Paik’s Coffee Korea or Coffee Shops in South Korea in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

Tim & Jeonghye
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