Brother Soda Korea front logoSouth Korea has had a few interesting short lived fad during 2015, first it was Honey Butter Chips, then it was the flavored Soju’s (Citron being the main one) and now was have another alcoholic drink Brother # Soda (부라더 # 소다). It’s basically a mixture of Soda and White Wine (or maybe soju it’s not clear). It’s been popular since September however it does seem like the hype is dying down now. Here are our thoughts;

Thoughts: Firstly it’s tasty and sweet very similar in taste to Milkis or Cream Soda. Secondly it’s pretty cheap 1,500 (Supermarket) or 3,000 to 5,000 in Bars and Restaurants. Finally the alcoholic content is just 3% so it’s not going to put you under the table quickly. On the negative side, it’s a little boring and for what it is a bit over priced in bars.

If you don’t like beer, soju, makkoli but still want to drink without breaking the bank this is a really good option. Also if you don’t want to drink a lot, however it’s nothing amazing and maybe gone pretty soon.

Pictures of Brother # Soda

Here are a few pictures of Brother # Soda;Brother Soda Korea 3% alcohol Brother Soda Korea at restaurant Brother Soda Korea back details 2 Brother Soda Korea back information Brother Soda Korea bottle full Brother Soda Korea bottle top 2 Brother Soda Korea bottle top Brother Soda Korea poured


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