Craftworks Seoul logo myeongdongA while back on a free Saturday evening we visited the Craftworks Taphouse in the Eulijiro area of downtown Seoul. It’s a pretty popular and well known outlet due to it’s wide range of quality craft beers. Here are our thoughts on Craftworks Taphouse;

Thoughts: Firstly the main reason for coming here the beers; we started with the sampler set which included 7 different beers (for 11,000). Some of course better than others (in our opinion), and so we then moved on to having a pint of Geumgang Mountain Dark Ale and Jirisan Moon Bear IPA. Both very enjoyable and cost between 7,500-8,000 each.
Secondly the food, we had a party patter of chicken, french fries and chips. It matched the beers nicely and hit the spot.
Finally the location is nice if a little hidden as it’s in a mall basement. The staff spoke excellent English, provided great service and were very friendly.

If you’re looking for a wide range of quality Korean Craft Beers as well as some western style finger food Craftworks Taphouse is well worth visiting. It’s maybe not the place for drinking large amounts or dining on a budget.

Pictures from the Craftworks Taphouse Eulijiro / Downtown

Here are a few pictures of the different Korean Craft Beers we enjoyed at Craftworks Taphouse Eulijiro / Downtown;Craftworks Seoul sampler set korean beers Craftworks Seoul namsan halla beers Craftworks Seoul 7 different beers Craftworks Seoul korean craft beers set Craftworks Seoul empty glasses Craftworks Seoul geumgang mountain dark ale draft Craftworks Seoul jirisan moon bear IPA Craftworks Seoul jirisan IPA geumgang dark ale Craftworks Seoul geumgang mountain dark aleSecondly the food from Craftworks and a couple of sample menus;Craftworks Seoul food plater Craftworks Seoul myeongdong food Craftworks Seoul menu summer 2015 Craftworks Seoul guest craft beers

Links for Craftworks Taphouse and Location of Eulijiro / Downtown Branch

Here are a few links for Craftworks Taphouse Korea;

Official Website for Craftworks Korea

Official Facebook Page for Craftworks Eulijiro / Downtown Seoul

Here is a map for the Craftworks Taphouse we visited in the Eulijiro / Downtown area of Seoul. There are 2 other locations one in Namsan and the other in Pangyo

This Craftworks Taphouse is inside a small mall next to Eulijiro-3 Ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), it’s also within walking distance of Myeongdong and the Cheonggyecheon Canal;


As always if you have any questions about the Craftworks Taphouse or Craft Beer in South Korea in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

Tim & Jeonghye
Modern Seoul

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