Wychwood Hob Goblin Beer Korea bootlecapThis is a little bit of a more personal post. I’ve lived in South Korea for over half a decade and in that time the range of different imported beers has expanded massively. However most of them have been mass market or cheap brews. That was until maybe a month or so ago when a little taste of home quietly joined the selection at our local Homeplus. Hob Goblin is a dark ale from the Wychwood Brewery based in Witney, West Oxfordshire. It’s well known in the area and much of the UK, however the rest of the world hasn’t enjoyed it much as of yet.

Currently it’s priced at 4,400 (£2.50), which is basically the same as back home and it available in the Original Dark English Ale or Gold versions. Also it’s only in the 330ml bottles at the moment. The taste is a fruity and flavorful dark ale, perfect during these colder Korean months.

You never know if it’s here to stay and my biased opinion is to buy it and try whilst you can. It’s better than old of the mass market Korean beers currently on sale.

Pictures of Hob Goblin English Ale from The Wychwood Brewery

Here are a few pictures of Wychwood Brewery Hob Goblin and it on sale at our local Homeplus Supermarket;Wychwood Hob Goblin Beer Korea fridge Wychwood Hob Goblin Beer Korea with Food Wychwood Hob Goblin Beer Korea info Korean Wychwood Hob Goblin Beer info English Wychwood Hob Goblin Beer Korea at Homeplus Wychwood Hob Goblin Beer Korea bootlecap


Wychwood Brewery Website

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