Korean Crown Beer 2016 cans packFor 60 years between 1933 to 1993 Crown Beer (크라운맥주) was the original Korean Lager. It was replaced by Hite over 20 years ago but is now back on the shelves. But is it worth buying? Here are our thoughts;

Firstly price wise its the same as other domestic beers such as Hite, OB and Cass. Secondly in the taste department it’s again similar to Hite and OB, slightly lacking flavor and although refreshing & easy to drink, it’s weak vs. so many imports. Finally design wise it’s classic but dull and pretty boring.

Overall it’s Hite in a different can, if you’re looking for a cheap beer this will do or if you’re looking for a  walk down memory land. However there isn’t much of a reason to buy this beer otherwise.

Pictures of Korean Crown Beer

Here are a few pictures of Korean Crown Beer Cans and 6 pack;Korean Crown Beer 2016 6 pack with noodles Korean Crown Beer 2016 box Korean Crown Beer 2016 330 can Korean Crown Beer 2016 can info Korean Crown Beer 2016 poured Korean Crown Beer 2016 hite logo


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