Blessed Brother Bokbunja LogoA year of short lived fad products is continuing with a cheap Bokbunja (Blackberry Wine) called Blessed Brother (복분자의 은혜 복받은 부라더). It’s from Bohae the same company that brought us Brother # Soda and some of the flavored Soju’s. This Bokbunja was released at the start of the year to the mass market and already it seems like the hype is dying down now. Here are our thoughts;

Thoughts: Firstly it’s tasty and sweet similar to Bokbunja, but lacking a little flavor and with a slight Soju style aftertaste. Secondly it’s pretty cheap 1,500 (Supermarket) or 3,000 to 5,000 in Bars and Restaurants. Finally the alcoholic content is 12% so it’s similar to wine and little less than Soju. On the negative side, it’s a little bland and for what it is a bit over priced in bars.

If you don’t want Soju but looking for something with a slight kick at a cheap price this is worth typing, but it’s nothing amazing hence the price.

Pictures of Blessed Brother / Brother Bokbunja

Here are a few pictures of Blessed Brother / Brother Bokbunja;Blessed Brother Bokbunja Korea 2016 Blessed Brother Bokbunja full Blessed Brother Bokbunja Bottle Cap Blessed Brother Bokbunja Bottle Blessed Brother Bokbunja Back Infomation Blessed Brother Bokbunja Close


More Information on Blessed Brother / Brother Bokbunja and the Bohae Company can be found here:

Also here is a Korean Blog Post with some nice pictures and solid information on this Blessed Brother / Brother Bokbunja: Naver Blogs

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