Strawberry Brother Soda bohaeLast summer/early fall here in South Korea a new alcoholic soft drink / alco-pop entered the market called Brother # Soda (부라더 # 소다). It’s basically a mixture of Soda and White Wine (or maybe soju it’s not clear). Once that fad started to die down they released a limited edition Strawberry Flavored version. Here are our brief thoughts;

Thoughts: Firstly like the original this strawberry version is tasty and sweet, simply a strawberry soda. Secondly it’s pretty cheap 1,500 (Supermarket) or 3,000 to 5,000 in Bars and Restaurants (although few sale it). Finally the alcoholic content is just 3% so it’s not going to put you under the table quickly. On the negative side, it’s soda with a tiny alcohol, it would be cheaper to buy a bottle of soda you love and a bottle soju a mix.

If you don’t like beer, soju, makkoli but still want to drink without breaking the bank this is a really good option. Also if you don’t want to drink a lot, however it’s nothing amazing and maybe like the original relegated to the corner of a supermarket shelf pretty soon.

Pictures of Strawberry Brother # Soda

Here are a few pictures of Strawberry Brother # Soda;Strawberry Brother Soda cap Strawberry Brother Soda side Strawberry Brother Soda korea 2016 Strawberry Brother Soda information Strawberry Brother Soda full Strawberry Brother Soda bottle


More Information on Brother # Soda and the Bohae Company can be found here:

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