South Korean Election 2016 bannerThis coming Wednesday April 13th 2016 is the date for the South Korean Legislative Election. This election is to vote for the 300 members of the National Assembly. This election will be show the voters party opinion heading towards the presidential elections scheduled for December 2017.

Like most major election days April 13th 2016 has been set as a Public Holiday allowing people time to vote. Also as it’s a Public Holiday (or Red Day) all schools, banks, government offices as well as most offices will be closed. Public transport will be operating on a holiday schedule and restaurants, stores and other businesses maybe closed or working reduced hours. There is a full schedule of afternoon K League Football and KBO Baseball matches so there is plenty to enjoy in the afternoon.

As it’s an election day business owners are required to give employees time in order to vote but aren’t required to close for the whole day.

2016 South Korean Election Flyers

Here are a few election flyers we more sent, they also information on the candidates including education, debts and criminal records. As well as campaign promises and more;

South Korean Election 2016 Details South Korean Election 2016 Incheon Posters South Korean Election 2016 flyers South Korean Election 2016 candidates South Korean Election 2016 info

Results from the 2016 South Korean Election

Here are the key facts and figures from the 2016 South Korean Legislative Election;

Minjoo Party of Korea = 123 seats
Saenuri Party = 122 seats
People’s Party = 38 seats
Justice Party = 6 seats
Independents = 11 seats
(Voting Turnout = 58%)

These results saw a big lose for the previously reigning Saenuri Party, which is also the party of current President Park Geun Hye. The newly formed People’s Party saw the biggest growth, mainly in Gwangju and Jeolla areas.

More Information on the 2016 South Korean Election

Here are a few useful links;


As always if you have anything you’d like to add please let us know. We will try and keep things updated as best as possible via Twitter (and little via Facebook) on the day.

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