Temporary Holiday May 6th 2016 South KoreaThis afternoon it was confirmed that next Friday May 6th 2016 will be designated a Temporary Public Holiday giving people a 4 day Children’s Day long weekend. This is partly because Labor Day (May 1st) and Buddha’s Birthday (May 14th) both fall on weekends. But also to improve local spending and give the economy a boost.

The government also confirmed that highway tolls nationwide will be free as well as the major Seoul palaces (such as Gyeongbokgung Palace) will be free entry. And therefore will be busier than normal. Also KTX Tickets will be discounted 20%, Baseball Tickets will also be discounted as much as 50% as well as some movie theaters and other attractions.

However this holiday doesn’t apply to private businesses, and like election day last month and August 15th last year it’s optional. It hasn’t pleased some people who’ve booked trips and time off in advance to only now find out their quiet long weekend, might be extra busy.


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2016 South Korean Public Holidays


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