Whiskey of Warrior BohaeThis weeks Photo Wednesday was taken at home. It’s of a new (released Spring 2016) canned drink called “Whiskey of Warrior” or 부라더 하이몰 in Korean. It’s produced by Bohae, the same company behind the Flavored Soju’s, Brother Soda and more which were all very popular last year.
The drink costs around 1000won ($1) for the 100ml can, and you can tell why it’s cheap. It’s basically a watered down Whiskey. It’s a good base for a cheap park/picnic cocktail and cheap.

Here are a few more pictures of “Whiskey of Warrior” from Bohae:Whiskey of Warrior Bohae (2) Whiskey of Warrior Bohae (1) Whiskey of Warrior Bohae (3) Whiskey of Warrior Bohae (4)


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