FC Seoul v Jeju United June 6th 2016 BannerThis delayed game due to Champions League fixtures, means that we have some K League action on Korean Memorial Day (Monday June 6th). The game is between FC Seoul and Jeju United and starts at 5.50pm.

FC Seoul LogoFC Seoul: Up until Saturday Seoul were top of the league, but are now 2nd and 3 points behind Jeonbuk, with this game in hand. Seoul have won 7 of their league games so far this season (3 of which were at home). They are also in the quarter finals of the Asian Champions League, coming later in the summer.

Jeju_United badgeJeju United: They are currently 6th in the league table, and generally strong at home and weak away. They’ve lost 4 times so far this season 3 of those being on the mainland. They have however won twice away from home.

Head-to-Head: They haven’t played each other yet this season but last season Seoul won two (4-2, 1-0), Jeju one (2-1) and the other ended in a draw (1-1) back in November 2015.

Prediction: FC Seoul 3 – 1 Jeju United
Seoul at home and Jeju away, favors Seoul. The only question will be the home sides defence.

FC Seoul vs. Jeju United Result & photos

FC Seoul 3 – 4 Jeju United

Jung Yeong-Chong with the only goal of the first half, scored on a counter attack. The second half was action packed firstly FC Seoul equalized and then took a 3-1 lead with 15mins of the restart. Go Yo-Han x2 and Yun Ju-Tae with the goals. Then the drama continued as Jeju scored 3 goals in 10mins to retake the lead and win the 3 points. Marcelo, Kim Ho-Han and Kwon Soong-Hyung with the goals.

FC Seoul v Jeju United 2016 TBS FC Seoul v Jeju United 2016 TBS (1) FC Seoul v Jeju United 2016 TBS (2)FC Seoul v Jeju United 2016 FC Seoul v Jeju United 2016 (1) FC Seoul v Jeju United 2016 (2)


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